PRE ORDER NOW: Brilliant Blawgs

Our next book Brilliant Blawgs: A playbook for creating & maintaining strategic blogs that clients & prospects love will be released on 1 December.

By pre-​ordering it you’ll get copies at $25 instead of the usual $39 per copy.

Creating a sustainable, effective blog for your law firm isn’t hard. But doing it well, in a way that supports your corporate strategy and attracts the right clients, means much more than just publishing articles occasionally. This book gives you a step-​by-​step method of setting up and maintaining your law firm’s blog. It will give you a complete framework with all techniques to use. Inside these pages you will discover exercises, templates, and problem-​solving activities that will help to make your first year of blogging a runaway success. Content is King, but only when it’s done for the right reasons, in the right way. This book is the secret weapon that you need to create a blog that fits your firm, and makes you stand out from the competition.

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