Privacy Policy & Ethics Statement

This Privacy Policy tells you how we use your information. The Ethics Statement outlines how we live up to our vision as an organisation of integrity.

What’s on this page?

  1. Email terms and conditions
  2. Privacy policy for the website you are on right now
  3. Cookies and third-​party tools used on this site
  4. Ethics statement

Email terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to emails that you receive from Brutal Pixie and its team members.

Emails you receive from Brutal Pixie email (including any attachments) are solely for the intended recipient. 

Unless specified otherwise, their contents are Copyright © Brutal Pixie Pty Ltd. All rights are reserved in all channels, formats, languages and territories. The contents of any email sent are confidential. 

If you are not the intended recipient, delete it and let the sender know. 

Brutal Pixie accept no liability for damage caused by this email or its attachments due to viruses, interference, interception, corruption or unauthorised access. 

Note that Brutal Pixie Pty Ltd does not enter into legally binding contracts by email. All agreements are handled via official channels and documentation.

Privacy Policy

Your information may be obtained for the purposes of website analytics (through the likes of Google Analytics, Clicky Analytics, and other tools) to tell us how our website performs. The data we collect about you is limited to the information provided by those tools.

If you choose to sign up to a mailing list, or download a tool, or otherwise give us your name and email, we take that gift very seriously. Your personal information is kept securely, is never shared with others or sold to third parties (because we don’t suck), is deleted if it is not used within 12 months, and we will always give you the option to unsubscribe from any communications that we send. We remind you every 12 months that you are on our list, and give you the option to stay or unsubscribe.

If you choose to become a client of ours, we may collect your full name, phone number, mobile number, email address, postal address, and residential address. You may also provide third-​party providers, such as Practice Ignition (who handle our proposals) your full name and email address, and payment information.

We may use the information you give us for marketing or remarketing to you, sending you event or product information, and for keeping you up to date.

Brutal Pixie practices ethical information handling. Our commitment is in the Ethics Statement, below.

If at any time you’d like us to remove you, you only have to let us know. You can do that by emailing our Director, Leticia Mooney, at leticia (at) brutalpixie​.com. We encourage you to put a registered copy in the post to us, to Pixie Privacy, PO Box 1190 Pasadena SA 5042 Australia, to ensure that your request gets to us, and that you are notified when it is received.

Cookies and third-​party tools used on this site

We use technologies such as: cookies, beacons, tags and scripts provided by Mouseflow, Google Analytics and Clicky Analytics. These technologies may be used to analyse trends, administer our website, track your movements around our website, and gather demographic information about our user base as a whole. We use cookies to remember users when they visit us, and that is for collecting and analysing trends about our user base.

If you reject cookies, you may still use our site.

This website uses Mouseflow, an analytics tool by Mouseflow (Denmark), to track user activity, page content, click/​touch, movement, scroll, and keystroke activity (in some cases). If you are located in Europe, your IP address, keystroke activity, and personal information are never stored or shared with any third-​parties. If you wish to opt-​out from tracking by Mouseflow, you can do so at https://​mouseflow​.com/​o​p​t-out/.

We may also use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords (Conversion Tracking), LinkedIn (Conversion Tracking), and Twitter (Conversion Tracking). Some or all of these tools may be used to track information about your behaviour on our website. For more information or to opt-​out, please visit the websites of those vendors, or contact us at hello@​brutalpixie.​com.

If you want to access, correct, amend, or delete inaccurate data about you, please contact hello@​brutalpixie.​com. Your information is kept for as long as necessary to provide our services, and to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.

Ethics Statement

At Brutal Pixie we have a strong ethical backbone. We will:

  • Delete contact information of people on our list if they have not been contacted within 12 months
  • Deal openly and judiciously with all requests, complaints, and issues
  • Uphold Copyright and Intellectual Property laws of Australia, which means that we will only use Creative Commons images wherever possible. If it is not possible to do this, we will seek permission or omit images
  • Refuse to use public images that are not licensed for reuse or modification in any client work, unless the images are our clients’ and they have provided them for use in materials created on their behalf
  • Sign contracts with all clients, and uphold the terms and conditions of all contracts to the letter
  • Compost, vermicompost and recycle any wastes that result from Brutal Pixie activities wherever possible
  • Cycle or take public transport over owned vehicles wherever possible
  • Put you first and strive to put your needs before our own
  • Do our best to provide information, materials and data in accessible formats, and to provide alternatives where that is not possible
  • Educate our clients about the importance of accessibility, even if that means getting into their bad books
  • Not work with you if you’re not a good fit, but instead will connect you with someone who may be a better fit
  • Talk to you and any existing clients about your approach to us, if we perceive any conflict of interest with an existing client. We will deeply consider our existing client’s feelings about it in deciding whether to work with you, and will be honest with both parties about it. Any decisions made will be done so openly and collaboratively.
  • Be honest in all areas, dealings, and capabilities
  • Use the secure SMS service Signal whenever communicating with clients by SMS
  • Treat every human being as a member of our broader human family, and not as a gender, race, religion, belief system, political alignment, or as normal or crazy or any other arbitrary categorisation of ‘Human’
  • Help you ring your sales bell as much as we can
  • Connect you to other people and organisations that resonate with you and fulfil your needs
  • Support organisations that rely entirely on the goodwill and philanthropy of others, and which are not able to gain other funds, grants, or government assistance. Where we can’t donate money, we will donate time.
  • Harm none. This means that if even if you want to gossip, you won’t be able to gossip with us.

We’d love your feedback, especially if you think we’ve missed anything. You can send it to us by email.