3.5 Questions people ask about exclusions

3.5 Questions people ask about exclusions

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People often have questions about exclusions.

The exclusions I’m talking about are the rules you establish that force you to exclude material from your publications. Whenever I suggest it, I often get a barrage of questions.

Today I’m going to shed some light on it for you.

1. Aren’t I missing an opportunity, when I decide not to include something?

Well, sure. If that’s the way you want to see it. Let me ask you something in return: Are you even capable of capitalising on every opportunity in front of you? Or are you just diluting your brand? 

In a recent conversation I had, a business owner in the field of CX (customer experience) told me how his brand is going great guns, but that there’s just so much to cover!

He’s right. In his publications, he’d be better off focusing on that one sharp thing that takes people’s breath away.

2. I’m a person with a million ideas a minute! How do I stick to the plan?

This is really a matter of personal and business discipline. It really is as simple as making a decision and then sticking with it.

If your brand mission excites you, if it’s the reason why you get up in the morning and rush off to work, no biggie.


If you’re looking for management tools, there are so many that I really can’t advise you. Each one fits a different need. But you could probably just start with a checklist.

3. The latest trend/fashion/fad/info says that I should give as people as much as possible to prove I’m an expert. Why would I exclude anything?

I love this question so much. My answer is always that if you know your work so well that you can publish something really specific – and keep interest while playing it from any angle, at any length, in any format – you’ll perform better than the Jack of All Trades everyone else is trying to be.

And the 0.5? 
It’s a question nobody has asked but I’m going to answer anyway.

Exclusions allow you to withstand the pull of any trend.

When you have absolute conviction and certainty about what you will NOT include, your confidence stops you getting sucked in. You’ll know that you don’t do video (for example) because your audience is a bunch of readers.

Or that you won’t cover RBA Interest Rate updates because they’re boring and everyone else in your industry does it. 

Or whatever it is.

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