Your receptionist is your secret content weapon

Your receptionist is your secret content weapon

Your receptionist is your secret content weapon.

Receptionists are in the unique position of having a largely disinterested role to play in your hands-on service. But they are critical path to client happiness! They can often afford small talk, are aware of everything that goes on, and can spot patterns that you might otherwise miss.

Here’s how they can contribute to your content in powerful ways:

1. Capture notes from every single conversation, whether that’s in person or on the phone. Like, how clients prefer their coffee, what they do on the weekend, who their kids are, what papers that choose to read while waiting; comments they make about, well, anything.

Pro Tip: Use this not just to serve your clients more effectively organisation-wide, but to deeply personalise your communications.

2. Capture notes about attitude, manners, personality.

Pro Tip: Use this information to better understand effective communication styles, and to experiment with communication and content methods that create deep engagement for each person.

3. Spot patterns: Who is always late, who always complains, who always leaves their glasses behind…

Pro Tip: Recruit the complainers to help you improve your systems and methods, tailor reminders and content to those who forget things (like important documents).

4. Capture questions! What is asked, when are the questions asked, which clients ask them, how are they asked (what format), how is information requested?

Pro Tip: View this as a master plan for creating content assets that are proactive, useful, helpful, insightful, and happily unexpected by your clientele.

6. Use your receptionist as a content testing ground by getting them to ask clients for feedback on new or updated assets. It’s helpful if they do it as if it’s a sneaky aside, like, “I wonder if you’d help me out with something? …” People LOVE being asked for help and advice.

Pro Tip: You can use this for testing every kind of content, from emails to webpages to books. If you train your staff in hardcopy UX testing, you’ve got a fast-track to major improvement on an ongoing basis.

I’m always around if you’d like help doing any of these things, so just yell out if you’d like to explore them.

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x Leticia “was always a guerrilla receptionist” Mooney

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