Resist the Sensual Seduction of Your Technology Mistress

Resist the Sensual Seduction of Your Technology Mistress

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Just because technology enables your marketing, remember it isn’t the only way to do things.

We tried everything to reach these young people,’ a friend was saying to me over lunch a few weeks ago. ‘We ran campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. They’re not on LinkedIn. We did some emails. We ran ads. We got nothing.’

Over the pot plant and the basket of bread, I asked him for the age range of his program’s target market. It turned out that they were in that tricky spot between 16 and 23.

He was bashing his head against a wall that was never going to break.

These people use ‘dark’ platforms: The platforms where their content disappears. Facebook is for their grandmas; Instagram is where they get inspo, not training. They’re not mainlining social media like older people are; they tend to lurk for what they want, and then go talk to people about it more directly, on Snap or by messages.

When I suggested he should go old-​school and do a letter-​drop like an old-​school sales letter, in his target suburbs, this friend regarded me seriously, buttered knife suspended mid-action.

Why didn’t I think of that?’ he asked.

Here’s why:

Technology is seductive.

Technology is easy.

Everyone has bought into the immense lie that technology is environmentally friendly.

Everyone assumes that everyone else is online, and not just because tech is sexy.

What my friend didn’t do was stand in his audience’s shoes, get inside their heads, understand how they live and why they live that way. If he had, he would have seen instantly that the way to get their attention would be in a cleverly crafted letterbox drop. That generation doesn’t know what it’s like to get personal, intriguing mail. 

Once he understood what he’d been missing, he started spinning idea after idea about how to make it work; how to involve his audience.

You see, your defaults will get in your way when you design and run your business’s publications. If your business coach is telling you to do this or that online thing, and you don’t ask why online, then if it fails, it’s your fault.

Great content, marketing, and publication design requires great (as in big amounts of) thinking. Careful thinking. Understanding your biases.
Nowhere is this more critical than in the very basics. 

This type of advisory is something that you get access to when you work with our team of expert writers.

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