How service, not selling, is the name of the game

How service, not selling, is the name of the game

Customer Care Agent by Bloomsburys. Used under a Creative Commons license.

Have you heard of Jack Mitchell?

He has authored a couple of books. One is well-known in business management circles. It’s called Fish!

His other works are about hugging customers.

Jack is in a family business in the US that sells clothing. Every sales associate in his or her first year sells $1,000,000. The entire business has been set up to put customers first.

Customer centricity is the buzz-word of the century, Customer Experience the buzz-word of the decade. Jack’s business has been doing this is the 1970s.

What’s my point? It’s that most people see the gigantic world of “content” as an expense designed to get sales. Very few see it as just doing their goddamned jobs.

If you are in business, your customers are the reason you exist.

This means that your actual job is doing every single thing you can to make their lives easier. Calling them by their first names in a mass-email where the technology takes care of it for you is one thing. Knowing them well enough to email them something special just out of the blue because you know they’d love it is something totally different. 

If you went past a new vegetarian restaurant, would you snap a pic and text it to one of your top customers with “Hey Julie, look what’s new on Main Street just near us. You’d love it.”?

Jack Mitchell would. 

Is it content? Absolutely. Can you build systems around it? You betcha.

Knowing all the ways that your business publishing, sales, and customer service interrelate is critical if you’re going to blow people’s minds.

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