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About Brutal Pixie

We’re an Australian content strategy company. Many people file us under ‘marketing’, but a more accurate location for us is ‘strategy’.
We’re brutal because we will push you into places that make you uncomfortable. That’s how you grow. Brutal Pixie focuses on how you can create your own blue ocean while making it easier for your customers and prospects to achieve their goals.

Unlike most marketers, we care less about selling what you do, and more about lifting your perceived value.

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Our key services are:

  1. Content strategy
  2. Content writing (digital/​print)
  3. Distribution/​publicity
  4. Workflow advice

Read our Portfolio for examples & more detail.

How we work

We are deeply interested in your business. We will:

  1. Learn about your business and services (and your ‘why’)
  2. Take a baseline. Where are you now?
  3. Research your market
  4. Give you the right guidance & services to create shift
  5. Measure the outcome
  6. Build your internal capability for long-​term success.

How we charge

We charge flat fees for everything. To work with us, your budget for 12 months needs to be minimum $20,000 (AUD — convert this).

When you talk to Brutal Pixie, we will chat finance in our first conversation. It’s for this reason that we recommend you prepare what you want to spend, and how much you can spend. The two are not always the same thing. 😉

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