Strategic Communications Consulting.

Strategic Communications Consulting makes sure your communications are hitting the right place, for the right people, at the right time. 

Arguably, all communication should be strategic.

If you are communicating anything ‘out there in the world’, you are doing something for your brand. It might be good, bad, beautiful or ugly, but it’s having an impact in some way. 

With digital platforms, it’s easier than ever to just burble on without seeing the overall impact of what you’re writing and publishing.

Enter strategic communications! 

We will help you:

  • research and design your communication strategy.
  • design your brand voice, if you haven’t got a ‘what do we sound like’ guide yet.
  • train your people, if the need exists.

And afterwards, we can write your content for you, too.

Strategic communications consulting by Brutal Pixie.

Our strategic communications consulting includes:

  • discovery phase, to make sure that we understand your requirements.
  • A focused briefing and project requirements phase, to make sure that we’ve captured everything (and have a place for everything, as well as enough hands on deck!).
  • The project itself. Whatever it is.
  • A consultancy debriefing at close-​out, to make sure that there are no loose threads everyone has missed.

All of our work is governed by industry standards, led by the Australian Society of Authors, Write the Docs, and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

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