Technical writing courses for software engineers

Technical writing courses for software engineers

technical writing

Good technical writing is at the heart of great documentation. So if you have a team of software engineers, programmers or developers, could you say that your docs are “good” or “great”?

Do you wish your software engineers were able to create better, or clearer, documentation? 

I’ve got good news for you:

The Brutal Pixie is officially a Facilitator for Google’s Technical Writing One and Technical Writing Two courses.

Google’s technical writing courses, but with Pixie at the helm!

Technical Writing One and Technical Writing Two are designed for a software audience. This includes software engineers, quality assurance engineers, programmers, and developers.

It’s no secret that software engineers are writing oodles of material anyway. These tech writing courses give them the opportunity to learn how to do this work better, more clearly, and more succinctly. As the Googlers say, ‘to make every sentence count’.

Why would you want your software engineers to learn tech writing?

Great products are underpinned by great documentation. That documentation may be user-​facing (to reduce reliance on call centres and support staff). Or it could be engineer-​facing (to properly and effectively document how a product was developed). 

Technical writers themselves are in short supply. Enabling your engineers to complete this critical task reduces your necessity for a tech writer. It also allows those who create, update, and extend software products to share their knowledge of the product in yet another meaningful way.

This is a great article on why documentation is extremely important for developers, if you need some convincing.

Brutal Pixie is now facilitating technical writing courses, in person or online

Brutal Pixie is capable of facilitating the tech writing courses for your team members, either in person or remotely.

Each session runs for 2.5 hours. If you don’t have a minimum of two people to train — perhaps because you’re a small startup — add your engineer’s name to our public courses waiting list.

For more information:

Contact Brutal Pixie via email, or call 0434 094 250 for fees, availability, and requirements. The courses are inexpensive, and extremely valuable… even for the smallest or newest team. Can you afford not to do it?

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