The parable of God’s three boats

The parable of God’s three boats

A dishevelled man sat on a beach, listening to the ripple, splash and draw of the ocean as it licked the sand.

He’d been shipwrecked.

However, the man’s faith in God was strong.

As the morning sun began to shorten the man’s shadow, a dark, lithe man paddled into view. Amazingly, this man spoke English.

He called out to the dishevelled man, ‘Do you need help? Jump into my canoe and come eat at our tribe’s wedding celebration tonight.’

The dishevelled man smiled. Raising a hand to the side of his mouth, he called back, ”No it’s ok, God will save me.’

The paddling man nodded and continued on his way.

A little later, as the sun reached its zenith and the man was dipping his toes in the water, a speedboat came into view. A woman in the boat saw the dishevelled man and started whacking the fella driving the boat, and gesticulating. Together, they brought the boat closer to shore.

Need a lift?’ the young fella yelled out over the water.

The dishevelled man shook his head. ‘No, it’s ok! God will save me!’

The pair in the boat were nonplussed. They stared at the dishevelled man a moment, then shrugged and continued on their way.

Later that day, a cruise ship came past the desert island. A passenger saw the dishevelled man trying to drink the sea water, and soon a crowd appeared at the railing. A small boat was deployed and the captain of the ship went out to the island.

Hoy there!’ bellowed the captain as his mate paddled them within cooee. ‘Come with us! There’s a storm brewing of such intensity that this island will likely be drowned, and you with it!’

The dishevelled man smiled serenely. “Thank you but it’s ok, God will save me.’

El Capitan persisted. ‘Don’t fark about, man, you clearly need help.’

The dishevelled man waved the concern away. ‘That’s nice of you but seriously it’s ok. God will save me.’

The captain looked doubtful. ‘Well you’d be better off with a shower and a good meal wouldn’t you think? I can give you free passage and both of those things.’

But the man shook his head and walked away, leaving the captain to go back to his ship.

Soon the cruise ship was out of sight.

True to the captain’s word, a fierce storm blew up just before dusk.

The wind howled. The trees snapped. The sea raged. And the dishevelled man was sucked into the roiling ocean, tumbled against the rocks whereupon he hit his head, sank to the bottom, and drowned.

The next thing he knew he was standing at the feet of the almighty.

The man by this point was quite p!ssed off.

God! He raged. ‘Why didn’t you come and save me?’

God laughed. ‘What are you talking about? I sent three boats to get you, and you ignored every one!’

The moral of this story, in case somehow you haven’t had your coffee yet today and you’re a bit clueless, is that God helps those who help themselves.

Assistance comes to you in all kinds of forms. Rarely does it come to you in the shape that you expect.

In fact, the Australian seer and author Ly de Angeles describes expectation as one of the seven faces of Mulengro. She writes, “Mulengro is the name of an entity that is like an alien barb; one that has become an out-​of-​control arrow that pierces generation upon generation with its poison.” It keeps people locked into unhelpful patterns, because people are its host. The others, in case you’re wondering, are deceit, assumption, greed, envy, guilt, and denial.

Anyway, my point is that if you’re working on a content project and you’re expecting some magical thing to happen — like a recalcitrant boss suddenly to come to the party; or a clueless photographer to turn his images in on time — then it likely won’t happen.

If instead you are open to the idea of all possibility, then when you’re emailed a discount code for Shutterstock you’ll take it.

Or you’ll notice that I’m giving you the opportunity to join my amazing monthly masterclasses, to help you help yourself, for the insanely low $60/​month.

All you have to do to reserve your seat is reply right now to tell me you want in.

Leticia “I’m not God but I look like her” Mooney

Leticia Mooney

The Brutal Pixie is Leticia Mooney. Race: Eladrin, Class: Publisher. --- Leticia is Australia's foremost authority on publishing in a business context. She ghostwrites for, and advises, entrepreneurial individuals in the professional services.

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