Three words that will kill your business

Three words that will kill your business

There are three words that will kill your business.

They are:

It’s the rules.


It’s our policy.

I had an unfortunate run-in with a person who was this kind of Lawful Good just this morning, in a post office.

Now, some post office folk are awesome. They’ll help you save money on postage, work around difficulties, make your experience awesome.

This lady couldn’t even conceive of it.

Here’s what the interaction was like:

Her: “They’re CDs so it’s a parcel.”
Me: “But it’s the same size and weight as a letter right?”
Her: “Yes. But…”
Me: “So it can go as a letter.”
Her: “But it’s the rules…”

I stared.

She wanted me to pay between $17 and $36 to post a worthless CD to someone because of the rules. Even though postage actually functions on size and weight. If I’d told her that it was a document, she wouldn’t have even blinked.

That’s the hypocrisy that kills your business. It’s not having rules, it’s hypocrisy and inflexibility within rules that are stupid rules. And then having staff who blindly blather about the rules as if your customers care.

Your customers don’t care about the rules or the policies.

Your customers don’t want apologies, roadblocks, or even to have to think.

All they care about is how you are going to solve their problems. They want the path to the solution, and if you expect them to find it, you’ll lose them really quickly.

You have the torch. Show them the way.

Nevertheless, if you have a resisting customer, you can use that resistance to unlock a sale.

Unfortunately, the post office lady wouldn’t see a sale if it jumped up and bit her on the nip.

But if you’re cleverer than she is, you can.

Which is why I’m making my Create Sticky Customers workbook available to you for just $7, and making its paired seminar available for FREE.

Pick up your torch at

Leticia “intolerant til the end” Mooney

Leticia Mooney

The Brutal Pixie is Leticia Mooney. Race: Eladrin, Class: Publisher. --- Leticia is Australia's foremost authority on publishing in a business context. She ghostwrites for, and advises, entrepreneurial individuals in the professional services.

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