Training, Seminars, Workshops.

Training, seminars and workshops offered by Brutal Pixie are all content and writing focused, from technical writing to the writing mind game.

Our training is a long way away from a presentation

The usual type of training delivered by Brutal Pixie is engaging and conversational. Unless needed for demonstration, we don’t use PowerPoint-​style presentations, preferring instead to talk, discuss, make notes, and address real issues. Our training, seminars and workshops are hands-​on and engaging, because we prefer to involve story and senses (thus making material easier to remember). 

We train business folk, students, writers, and youth

Because of the range of training, seminars and workshops we provide, Brutal Pixie is able to work with a broad range of people. Those people, however, tend to fall into four buckets:

  1. Business people. This includes both entrepreneurs and employees in organisations.
  2. Students who are working towards a higher degree. While we can train undergrads and high school kids, we find that we have the greatest impact among Higher Degree by Research students who don’t get the type of seminars that we run (but who need them!).
  3. Writers, especially those writers who are writers by default (e.g. within businesses) as opposed to writers by choice (e.g. hobbyist novelists). 
  4. Youth, especially entrepreneurial youth who are focused, driven, observant, and interested in the world.

Training by Brutal Pixie.

This service includes:

  • discovery phase, to make sure that we understand your audience and requirements.
  • Creation of bespoke workshops, seminars or training if you want a deeper focus on something.
  • The training itself.
  • A review process to understand the impact and success of the session.

We can deliver training and seminars remotely. And yes we can record sessions, but note that if you want to keep them then they attract a license fee.

Topics we offer:

  • Technical Writing for Software Engineers I or II (this is a Google program, and we’re trained to deliver it)
  • The Writing Mind-​Game for HDR Students (two lunch-​and-​learn sessions + 1 full-​day writing retreat)
  • Thought Leadership for HDR Students
  • The Writing Mind-​Game for entrepreneurs and business people (two lunch-​and-​learn sessions + 1 full-​day writing retreat)
  • Content Mathematics: Be able to explain your content return on investment in ways your CFO will understand
  • UX Basics for Business
  • Managing your publishing effectively: An introduction to effective scheduling and workflow for business owners, managers and founders without publishing experience.
  • Rethinking Client Communication using the 4 Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity)
  • The Dunning-​Kruger Effect, or Why everyone else thinks they can write
  • Best practice website content
  • How to use the Strategyzer Business Model Canvas
  • The Content Marketing Wheel
  • Something else? We will build bespoke sessions just for you. Contact us to discuss.

Need to level up?

We will work with you to create training that meets your needs, in any of the following areas:

  • content strategy
  • content operations
  • content smarts
  • writing
  • editing
  • entrepreneurship