What’s your publication’s love language?

What’s your publication’s love language?

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You know, one day I saw something about the Love Language concept, and thought it was interesting enough from a psychology perspective to read about, even though the very title repelled me. It seemed pretty girly, like the kind of thing you’d read about in Cleo while trying to ignore your grinding feeling that success-​and-​being-​single-​are-​not-​the-​same-​thing and drinking a bottle of wine by yourself.

Nevertheless, I was fascinated. I even did a quiz, because I was curious about what my love languages are.

If you’ve never heard of this woo-​woo, fluffy-​sounding thing, a love language is a set of the actions and behaviours that you exhibit that show other people that you love and appreciate them. The philosophy is that it helps you understand yourself and others more completely.

After I did mine, I thought it was actually really valuable, if only because it helped me understand myself. So, I sent the link to the Queen’s consort, who totally refused to do it.

He refused because ‘that’s the kind of thing people do when their relationships are in trouble’. Ha! (Maybe he imagined the same Cleo reader I did.)

Anyway. The same thing is true with your business publishing. If you don’t know the reasons why your publication has the shape it has, and the elements that it includes, then you are going to get into mad amounts of trouble and soul searching later on.

Whatever topics you cover, the colours you use, the style of the design, the nature of the logos and images, its photographs, its colouring… The entire vibe must reflect its ‘love language’.

It’s not good enough that you want to include a photograph that illustrates the subject of your blog article, for example. It must also perfectly reflect your audience, the publication’s value-​set, and your business’s personality.

How often have you seen people using shitty stock photography and hoping it looks swish? ALL the time, right? Man, we can tell it’s stock. If you’re in Australia, you know when there are Americans in the photo. Or British. Or Canadians. Or even Kiwis, come to that. If you’re targeting an Australian audience, you just look like a try-​hard. At the very least, and if you can afford it, shoot your own photos.

Every aspect of your message has to align with your ultimate outcome.

Every aspect. 

If you have a quirk at least know why you have that quirk. Use it! It’s what makes your material unique in a saturated market.

Another way you can showcase your quirks is through case studies. Nobody runs a business in your industry the same way that you do. If you want to prove that, case studies are the only way to do it.

You can learn more about that at https://​brutalpixie​.com/​c​a​s​e​-​s​tudies . 

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