Write to level up your business’s health in just minutes a day

Write to level up your business’s health in just minutes a day


The world’s best kept secret to business health is to write every day.

Before we get to that, I want to tell you a story about profitability.

When a fella that I know — let’s call him TT — was at a conference in the UK recently, he was live-​tweeting the event. It wasn’t a particularly interesting conference to me: It was about the accounting industry in the Kingdom.

Scrolling past all the photos and usual things that people talk about, something caught my eye:

50% of the accountants in the UK are profitable.

Fifty. Per cent.

These don’t seem like the best people to be advising businesses?’ I said to him.

He replied: ‘I’m still so shocked.’ (Except, he used emojis rather than words.)

How honest do you think that these people are to their clients about their own situations? It reminded me of something a business coach said to me years ago, which was: ‘If accountants are so good at business, where are their yachts?’

The critical thing about this situation is that the 50% of the unprofitable accountants will have websites, and blogs, and social media, and maybe even email lists. They are probably running ads, advertising their “expertise”!

What expertise! 

This is exactly the same problem as most marketing experts who chase every trend — and then tell everyone else to do the same thing. There is a huge problem in the marketing world today, which says “do these things that everybody else does and you’ll make money”. 

Which is great, except for the fact that when I talk about the ROI of content, and the mathematics of nailing down precisely how much your content is adding (or not) to your business, marketers come back with: But you can’t measure brand awareness. The funny thing is, they don’t work at it until they can.

Every time they say these things, I realise how much they have invested in “expertise” that doesn’t create a return. 

Sales you can measure; if your sales are profitable, you have a healthy business.

Brand awareness, in contrast, is the cream you put on top of a fluffy sponge. You can start with the cream if you like, but all you’ll do is have a squishy pile of sweetness that makes a mess.

The challenge for the unprofitable businesses, especially those that are advisors, is that telling the world of their ‘expertise’ is dishonest.

Getting back to honesty is as simple as sitting down to write about the small things impacting your clients. 

If you strive to write something every day, to solve your clients’ problems, you might start to realise you have them yourself.

Reflective writing is hands-​down the fastest way to problem-​solve your own business’s problems.

It’s the type of trick that you only discover if you’re a writer. So, as a team of writers, take our advice: Write!

But unless you’re in the mindset of writing to solve problems, to work out the pathway, you’ll never discover this incredibly simple method of plugging gaps.

It is, in fact, the ultimate side-​benefit of committing to content creation.

If you’ve done that for a while and really want to level up, then we recommend working with a team of pros:


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