You are already successful

You are already successful

Today’s missive is a little reflection on what makes us successful and competent.

Looking out my window this morning, with a peaceful little boy on my lap, I sat and allowed the springtime to wash in.

The bottlebrush out the back is so tall that it casts a shadow over the solar panels in the late afternoon. Its unkempt, dangling foliage has burst into flower, and Adelaide Hills Parrots crawl over the tree, upside down, shrieking delightedly as they bury their heads into the flowers. Some of them hang out at the back of the tree, grooming each other in the early morning sunshine. 

My 10-​month-​old sat on my lap, completely relaxed, gazing this display with a peace that was instructive. We have a birds’-eye view into the canopy because the upper storey is in line with the active belly of the tree.

As Beren sat, calmly observing the movement of the stunning birds, I found myself reflecting on the fact that we’re all already successful.

He’s only tiny. And yet he’s more successful at life than most of us:

He notices something busy, active, interesting, and he allows himself to become totally absorbed into it. It might last for thirty seconds or 20 minutes, but he is wholly and soully inside that moment. There’s no ego, no judgement, just complete peace.

I find that when it comes to business matters, we’re all so caught up in what success looks like that we never take the time to understand the very notion.

So here’s my proposal: If you’re ‘improvement-​minded’, then everything you do is a success.

You might run an experiment that fails. Success! You know what not to do.

You might run an email campaign that loses subscribers hand over fist. Success! You scrubbed your list as clean as a winkle.

You might embark on a new client onboarding sequence, much of which is online, and find that you get overwhelming silence. Success! You’re not bombarded with phone calls and emails.

Your competence in content strategy, content operations, content creation and publishing, is not equal to a positive outcome. Your competence is also sketched in the crumbling charcoal of cold failure.

Remember that next time you sit around moping that you need to learn more, study more, do (something) more.

You don’t.

You do, however, have to rethink your approach.

This is as good a time as any to introduce to you my monthly coaching service. It’s something that I never talk about, much less promote. I tend to just roll with it as people approach me.

And yet some of my content athletes have reached heights they never would have imagined. 

Like the young woman who set herself an editorial by-​line goal of 12 for the year, and smashed it within 3 months. 

Or the PhD students whose supervisors were about to recommend they give up, only for the student to turn in such an incredibly well written thesis that they achieved astonishing kudos from their examiners. 

Or the speakers and consultants who have run out of sessions filled with possibilities, and who then shifted their brands into coherent, financially successful ventures.

So if you want a brutal coach who won’t let you get away with your mopey view of your content capability, today is the day for you to think about why that is.

Is it because you don’t have a champion making you run laps every morning?

Or is it because you’d rather pretend that success is elusive?

Serious questions, Pixieling. And it’s time that you answered them. Shoot me a reply to let me know.

~ Leticia “attitude is everything” Mooney

PS. Thanks to those of you who let me know their scores from yesterday’s pop quiz! If you didn’t score yourself, go revisit the quiz and send me your results.

Leticia Mooney

The Brutal Pixie is Leticia Mooney. Race: Eladrin, Class: Publisher. --- Leticia is Australia's foremost authority on publishing in a business context. She ghostwrites for, and advises, entrepreneurial individuals in the professional services.

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